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  • Simple Password Generator  v.1.0Simple password generator which has over 10,000 words and can do the following Capitilise the 1st letter Include random no Specify minimum length of word Use special charaters Reverse the ...
  • Simple Password Maker  v., simple and easy to use password generator.
  • Simple Password  v.1.0A simple to use password manager to store all of your internet passwords. Encrypts your data file, optionally password protect the file, option to save data as plain text, simple one click editing, drops to system tray for quick access. Completely ...
  • Simple Password Generator and Retriever  v.1.0Generate and retrieve passwords for different websites that you may register. Web based (php) for easy retrieval. Customizable with favorite user id, password length and key! Simple and safe password retriever out there! Please CHECK the Project Website.
  • FireSafe Password Manager  v.1.0FireSafe is a simple password manager that supports features like, Multiple accounts, Encrypted passwords, Checking for password consistency, Simple UI with Javascript/AJAX for easier use, among other things.
  • Whipser  v.0.102 BetaWhipser is a very simple password manager at the moment.
  • My Text is Treasure  v. is a simple password manager for your PC and Smartphone.
  • Hitonic MIDlet Protector  v.1.1.0Hitonic MIDlet Protector modifies MIDlet JAR files and sets various limitations on launching MIDlets (a simple startup banner, a simple password, runtime limitations, launch date limitations, launch count limitations, send SMS message).
  • PassKeeper  v.1.1PassKeeper is a small, easy to use application, specially designed to offer users a simple password manager. This is a simple but robust application to manage your User Ids and password for various client. This application is best suited for those ...
  • PasswordCreator  v. the simple password Torrent to produce the high strength security password for you, lets you get rid of being worried that cannot remember the password ...
  • Free Safe  v.0.9.0This is a simple password manager for java enabled mobile phones. It is supposed to work with all MIDP1 compatible devices. It has been around for a long time and no comatibility problems have been reported in the last few years. FreeSafe uses a ...
  • Spd  v.1.0the "Simple Password Displayer" is a multiuser password managing software based on GnuPG, so every user has his own password to decrypt/sign the ...
  • Text Protector  v. simple password protection program for your text files to prevent unauthorized access.
  • PhpMyPass  v.1.0A simple password-manager written in PHP using MySQL.
  • Passwdqc  v.1.1.4pam_passwdqc is a simple password strength checking module for PAM-aware password changing programs, such as passwd.
  • MS Word Document Password Recovery  v.2.1Word password revelation software helps user to recover secret code of password protected documents created in Microsoft word 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 (doc, dot and docx) file format. Utility instantly reveal read only or editing permission password.
  • IE Password Recovery Manager  v. Explorer password retrieval software fetches restore retrieves administrator email news group account FTP AutoComplete lost misplaced secret key. Network password recovery tool retain complex long password supports all versions IE4.x 5.x 6 7 ...
  • Recover Internet Explorer Password  v. password restoration software retrieves forgotten or lost asterisk passwords, usernames and auto complete strings of multiple accounts. Internet explorer password rescue tool recovers all multilingual and hidden passwords (#$&*) of any length.
  • Absolute Password Protector  v.1.0.547Absolute Password Protector offers a brand new level of security using strong encryption algorithms to encrypt your files. Encrypted files can be safely transferred over the Internet via e-mail. Hide sensitive data in pictures.
  • Starfish Password Manager  v.0.2Starfish Password Manager project consists of a password manager.
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